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The basic idea was to extend the season for the practice of board sports, including in regions where the waters are cold and icy.

Starboard has developed a complete range of top-of-the-range wetsuits

This suit offers you complete protection against the weather while remaining breathable, it is constructed in a waterproof 3-layer Clima-Core fabric. The HD version is particularly used for Windsurfing, KiteSurfing, but also Strand Up Paddle in rivers and flat water.

A specific place is provided to let your harness loop go through.

Clima-Core technology uses ultra-stretchy outer fabrics, bonded by a waterproof but breathable membrane in the middle and a soft and comfortable lining on the inside.

This fabric will give you the freedom of movement you need because it stretches easily in all directions, it will keep you dry because it is 100% waterproof but breathable to wick moisture away from your body.

This suit will give you complete protection against the weather while remaining breathable.

Today it is the reference on the market for waterproof suits.


Clima-Core Technology: Breathable and waterproof

Ultra flexible materials

Anatomical panels

100% waterproof zip

Narrow fit

Waterproof key storage

Adjustable latex ankles and wrists

Reflective prints for increased visibility and safety

Integrated hood


With Starboard's Tech Wear line, the goal was to design and build a light and flexible dressing system, while keeping the body at its optimal temperature during your practice.

To achieve this, Starboard uses Clima-Core, 100% waterproof, adaptable to different weather conditions, breathable and lightweight.

Clima-Core is a 100% wind and waterproof breathable membrane that reacts to changes in your body temperature while providing protection against outdoor weather conditions. Depending on your level of activity and climate, the fabric increases breathability or heat retention respectively.

In addition, thermal fabrics trap warm air and wick moisture away from the body. In combination with base and intermediate layers, it keeps you warm and comfortable in colder climates, or individually in milder conditions.YKK AQUASEAL® zipper is 100% waterproof.

Seamtite TM seams have an unfailing reputation for performance, comfort and watertightness. Latex sleeves at the wrist, ankles and neck provide total waterproofness to the suit.


Almost all suits on the market are more or less manufactured in unisex sizes, which is not really suitable for women.

Starboard has taken a different approach and developed specific sizes for men and women. Even with the extremely stretchy fabrics that a women's suit needs a different shape, Starboard has changed the construction of the collar over the neck, modified the measurements of the shoulders and sleeves, and given more shape to the chest, waist and hips.

How is this coverall different from others on the market?

For Stand Up Paddling, freedom of movement is essential. Starboard has also developed a new panel layout with special stretch zones along the upper body and in the crotch area.

Starboard has lowered the front waterproof zipper for increased comfort around the neck and added reflective stripes on the wrists and ankles for safety reasons.

Fully waterproof seams combined with latex cuffs on arms and legs will keep you dry in all conditions.

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